Saturday, January 8, 2011

Being and Non-Being

(1) The Tao can be called
both “being” and “non-being.”
Because of this it endures.
It is the same mystery, yet it takes many forms.

One person may call it “constant being”
yet will also call it subtle.
This describes both heaven and the ten thousand things.

One who calls it “non-being”
does not see it as a thing of this world
but a dark and profound mystery.

This is the beginning of truth.
Contemplate it and you will know what is eternal.
The source of the Tao is called “mother.”
Behold where it leads:
to a strange and wonderful understanding.


  1. And in what new order did you find this wonderful and amazing teaching?

  2. Reading the Chinese characters top to bottom instead of left to right.